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By Marie Gaebel

No matter if you are still far away from writing your thesis or right in the middle of it, this article touches upon four aspects to set your mindset right and succeed in your very own writing process.

Disclaimer: If you need urgent help with your statistical analysis or writing your thesis scroll to the last paragraph! 🙂

Before I started studying I couldn’t quite grasp what writing a bachelor thesis really entailed. And while it became clearer throughout my studies it still felt like this huge thing that I’d need to deliver to prove that I deserved my Bachelor’s. So, when the time finally came, and I had to write my own thesis, I started wondering whether I was ready for it. But if there is one thing I’ve learned along the way, it is that every single one of us, who has made it to this point in our studies, is ready to do this. So let me take some of your worries away and tell you, you will be fine!

Almost at the end of my own thesis process, I learned that it all depends on your own mindset. And to help you set your mindset right here are 4 things I wish I knew before I went into writing my own thesis.

  1. It’s an Individual Process

I have friends who simply loved ataşehir escort writing their thesis and others who got terribly bored. I have friends who wrote their thesis like it was a no-brainer and others who struggled a lot. Now, you might relate to one of these scenarios, or perhaps your experience looks entirely different, but this shows that struggling with your thesis has nothing to do with whether you are ready or not. It simply shows that writing one’s thesis is an individual process. 

  1. No Point in Comparing

It’s a rather easy thing to acknowledge that this is all an individual process, but an extra effort is required to fully embrace this mindset.

It’s a rather easy thing to acknowledge that this is all an individual process, but an extra effort is required to fully embrace this mindset. Even though I knew that it’s an individual journey, I still sometimes felt incredibly stressed as soon as my group was ahead of me in their own thesis process. But eventually,  I finished my thesis at my own pace and time. Hence, comparing your timeline with that of others only creates unnecessary worries. Something that helped me was using a planner. If others are ahead of you, it’s only logical to think you are lacking behind. But if you make use of a planner in which you set your own personal deadlines, then this helps you to realize whether you are actually behind or not. In my experience, this very much helped me in assessing whether I really needed to be stressed or not.

  1. You are not alone

If you are stuck and don’t know further, or you are simply overwhelmed, then talk to your family, friends, or other students. I myself had to rethink my statistical analysis last minute and that, added to the time pressure, suddenly and painfully overwhelmed me. To begin with, I really felt alone at that moment. Especially after I had asked some friends, but no one could help me further. But then, suddenly, someone knew someone, and the genuine encouragement of this person revived my hopes, leading me to believe that I was going to make it in time. While I really hope this is not something you will need to face, do acknowledge that nothing ever goes as planned. But also, that no matter what, you are not alone. Just dare to ask for help!

  1. Starting Strong 

Finally, I can only suggest you do it right from day one. Meaning, that while writing your introduction, you do your research properly and write at your best. Because if you do, then you’ll simply have to perfect your thesis, instead of having to rewrite entire sections. Believe me, it’ll save you a lot of time!

I hope that these suggestions will help you tackle your thesis process with more confidence. And, in case you are in the middle of it, this allows you to finish it strong. Two sources I can recommend you to check out for further help are, first of all, the Methods Desk, to whom you can ask direct questions concerning your statistical analysis, and the Writing Centre, through which you can book workshops and individual tutoring to improve your thesis.

Good luck and remember… It’s all a process! 

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