Standing still to have a look at the Kiosk

Picture of By Thomas Korver

By Thomas Korver

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]W[/mks_dropcap]hile traveling through the Netherlands by train, you could come across a variety of little shops on most stations. One of them is called the Kiosk. There’s no need to explain what the Kiosk is, the name speaks for itself. The concept is simple: providing coffee and snacks for people traveling by public transport, specially by train. The little store can be found on 80 different train stations, and almost every establishment looks different on the outside. This photo series is focused on the Kiosk, with its many shapes and sizes. 

We had to travel to eight different train stations, to actually photograph eight different Kiosk locations. Spread over two days, we managed to visit Amsterdam CS, Amsterdam Amstel, Alkmaar, Leiden CS, Den Haag HS, Delft, Rotterdam and Utrecht CS. When comparing the different locations with each other, the products stayed the same. Every Kiosk sold coffee, sweets and sandwiches. However, we found out that the stores were different when you look at the outside. Some Kiosk locations are situated on the platform, mostly made of large glass panels. Some other locations are situated in the central hall of the station, these are often larger stores.

It always feels like a warm blanket on a cold Dutch morning.

The Kiosk is great if you want a cup of coffee or snack. It always feels like warm blanket on a cold Dutch morning. For students however, one could argue that bringing coffee from home is a much cheaper solution. Most sold products on stations are more expensive than the products that are sold in the regular stores.

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