Medium Podcast #10- Will American Horror Story Stand the Test of Time

Picture of By Adel Al Khozaae

By Adel Al Khozaae


[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]P[/mks_dropcap]odcast Number 10 means a celebration is required, therefore the boys that boast their entertainment knowledge the most take the time to discuss a TV that will have 10 seasons as of September 2020. Spoilers will be present (although the editor has tried his best to remove them, he could not get them all). So again, spoiler alert!

In this podcast, the boys, now referred to as Danny and Plamen, join forces to talk about a horror story. No, not the coronavirus one, but a fictional one this time  – American Horror Story. This multiple award-winning show has been around for almost ten years and its impact on pop-culture is undeniable. So what are the best seasons and plotlines? Who are the most iconic characters? But most importantly, will it stand the test of time? Get all the insights and find out in this podcast!

For other fun gimmicks, listen to Danny and Plamen argue on how to pronounce the city of Roanoake.


Cover: Adel Al Khozaae

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