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By Csenge Ambrus

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]E[/mks_dropcap]very single country, company or person has their own problems. Eventually we all are trying to deal with one common issue, which is climate change. Maybe you try to be green and save the environment maybe you do not put effort in it, but one thing is for sure, the consequences are visible and nobody can ignore them any longer. The fashion Industry has one of the highest CO2 emissions which ruins the ozone-layer. Greenhouse effect is mostly caused by factories and 80% of the gas emissions are caused by  the fashion industry. 

In some parts of the world the government and other powerful leaders started paying attention to the fact that the demand for clothes is getting higher every year. Helping and controlling the fashion industry and get them to be more and more environmentally friendly could be a possible solution for the problem. Making at least the biggest brands sustainable would reduce carbon emissions . Luckily some of them started not only making their products from waste, but even representing it in their stores to show their customers that they are making the clothes from recyclable materials. 

How do they show it to us?
Seeing in the store, on labels or in commercials that companies are using waste and recyclable sources grabs everyone’s attention. But somehow most of the companies forget to update their customers about that since they overestimate their sales, they have a lot of beydağ escort leftovers. And sadly the unsold clothes are not getting donated to people in need of them. They believe that charity would ruin their brand’s image. Although their carbon-dioxide emission is “only” included into that 20%, the fact that they could kill two birds with one stone, by reducing their emissions  and helping poor people by giving them clothes may not reduce their popularity. 

However, when we are given the message that something “green” is involved in the production we have to see further than the end of our nose.

Do we really care?
It is true that clothes manufacturing has two possible “green-effects” on the environment. One is the environmental friendly or also called green production, the second is which causes the greenhouse effect. Maybe the companies are honest and we are naive consumers who do not want to think about the harmful consequences? Many people are trying to speak up on social media and reflect on these certain issues. Although, we eventually like to filter out this information and only have a look at a famous person’s pages, what did he or she wear?, Where can I get something like that? When the decision comes to us, where to buy clothes, do we really care about climate change and how those clothes were produced? Or karaburun escort are we so selfish and careless to give up on something we like for a nice outfit?

Individual change in life-style matters?
Fashion and style are important and good ways of expressing ourselves, also it makes us feel more comfortable in our bodies and feel good about ourselves. However, there are other, more important issues in our lives such as smoke emissions caused by factories. This is a far greater issue than what should we wear to school the next day. It would deserve the majority of the society’s attention and is in need of a solution. We work hard for our money so when it comes to shopping for new clothes, we should be able to give up on certain brands and try to turn to those who care about our planet. We ordu escort escort can try to convince people around us to do the same and buy clothes which were made from waste or force companies to produce substantially less and do not burn the unsold clothes but donate them to poor people. But only if each of us as individuals start to change our behaviour, will it become substantial. “Consuming green” may save the earth for just a little longer.  

Cover: Tom Roberts

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