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By Tamar Hellinga

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]T[/mks_dropcap]he video convention VidCon, founded by John and Hank Green, has been held annually since 2010 in Anaheim, California. This year the convention has a twist: it will not only be held in the United States, but also in Amsterdam. What can be expected from VidCon and can it compete with the Dutch convention Veed?

YouTube is a platform accessible regardless geographical location. However, events like these call for visitors to come together in one place. For years, the geographical centre for VidCon has been California, but this year the organizers have opted to branch out their convention. The eight version of the largely visited event will take place in three places: United States, Australia and Europe. The Europe edition, with Amsterdam as its headquarter, will take place from April 7th to April 9th.

What can we expect from VidCon Europe?
VidCon’s website offers little to no information about what can be expected April 2017 in the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre. At this moment, thirty people have been confirmed as so-called Featured Creators. These people will be the main focus during the three-day event. They will host panels, meet fans and perform on stage.

If this years’ edition is anything like the past seven editions, we can expect several things. First of all: many, many meetings that enable fans to meet their idols, get their autographs and take a selfie with them. Additionally, performances are given by online video creators where they show their talents or perhaps host an interactive show on stage.

Apart from once-in-a-lifetime-moments, VidCon offers substantial sections within their event. Visitors can attend live panels, where creators are put into groups to discuss a certain topic related to online video. For example, creators who have struggled with mental health issues that speak up about that or LGBT members that talk about being a part of the LGBT community online.

Another thing that VidCon offers, is a goldmine for advertisers. Stands are sponsored by brand such as Taco Bell or Instagram and people can buy products, sign up for subscription services and try out products all over the place. All in all, VidCon offers loads of activities directed towards online video creators and viewers.

How does it compare to Veed?
One thing that VidCon and Veed differ on is its international character. Veed is focused completely on the Netherlands and Belgium and their social media creators and influencers, whilst VidCon is internationally recognized. If you’re only interested in Dutch or Belgian creators, Veed is the one for you. But, as is more common, if you’re interested in creators from all over the world, VidCon may be more your cup of tea.

Both offer different types of tickets, depending on your position in the online community. They sell tickets for visitors/fans/community members, also known as viewers. Besides that, they both also sell creator tickets, meant for people who create online video content. While Veed stops here, VidCon adds another layer to the mix with their industry passes. These are meant specifically for people who work ‘beyond video creation’.

It’s safe to say that most people fall into the ‘fan’-category and would be buying tickets for that. Pricewise, you would be way better off going to Veed, as they offer tickets for the whole two days of the event for 41 euros and 90 cents. VidCon steps it up a notch by asking 100 euros for a two-day ticket to their event. Veed also offers tickets for just one day, whereas at VidCon you have no choice but to go both days.

Both are already selling tickets on their websites, but Veed shows much more information about their event than VidCon does. All we know of VidCon is the price, the location and a provisional list of Featured Creators. Veed shows us that and more: an overview of the programming, a longer list of creators that are going to be present and information about the different aspects of the event.

To get an impression of both, see their promotional videos below. Note: The Veed video is in Dutch, but demonstrates the vibe for internationals nonetheless.

In the end, both are wonderful events for people interested in social media stars and the YouTube community. And if you have religiously saved money for a good time, you are able to go to one of both events. Seeing as they somewhat fall on the same day, you will have to choose where you will be seen on April 8th.

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