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By Asiah Capponi

Everybody communicates in a different way. Some people may find it hard to communicate their deeper thoughts and feelings through words, with some preferring singing or drawing. We all have our own particular way of communicating, which makes us who we are. Communication is art. It distinguishes people from one another, and it gives them the possibility to connect with others. Since I find it fascinating how different we all are in expressing ourselves, I interviewed some students about their preferred way of communicating.

A change of perspective

Kacper (19) is a first-year student at UvA and has been playing guitar since second grade. His relationship with the guitar hasn’t always been idyllic: at first, he didn’t enjoy playing guitar and didn’t feel like it was his thing. This hate continued throughout his career in music school because he found classical music boring. Therefore, he decided to quit playing because, at that point, he just didn’t like it.

But everything changed when his dad got him an electric guitar for Christmas and told him, ‘You are going to need it someday.’ Of course, at first, he didn’t believe his dad, but one day, everything changed: he met a guy who played electric guitar and showed Kacper how fun it can be. Kacper realized that maybe his dad was right all along, and it was time for his guitar to come out from the dust. After all, the guitar was his thing, and he just needed to adjust it to his interests. He started playing metal music. Now, twelve years later, every morning, he wakes up and plays in his room. He plays because it gives him a chance to express himself, to feel relieved, and start the day in a good mood. He doesn’t need anybody to hear him. He plays for himself, to connect with his deeper thoughts and forget about the complications of life, even just for a while. His story taught me that we all have our way of expressing ourselves, but maybe we were just looking at it from the wrong perspective. 

Let yourself be inspired

For Elisa (18), it is a whole other story. Poetry has always been her thing, as with her mum as well. At the age of ten, she started to participate in writing contests and ended up winning. That was when her mum realized that Elisa izmir escort had talent in transforming words into poetry. Since writing has always been her gateway to self-expression, every time she is inspired by her surroundings, her instinct is to write. ‘You write when you have something to write about, something to say,’ Elisa told me, ‘there is always inspiration somewhere.’ It is becoming more difficult for our generation to let the world inspire us. We are too busy going from one place to another, and since we are always moving, we rarely find the time to stop and observe. Therefore, we should allow the world to come to us instead of running after it and let the words flow naturally on the page. We should make more time for ourselves to figure out our passions in life.

It is becoming more difficult for our generation to let the world inspire us. We are too busy going from one place to another, and since we are always moving, we rarely find the time to stop and observe.

Not everyone will understand

‘Your inspiration could come from everything around you. Art is everywhere,’ Reena (19) told me. She started drawing when she was very young, but she hasn’t particularly found her style yet. However, for her, this is not a big concern. She believes that inspiration comes from your mental state, the world around you, and the world you live in, so as long as she keeps changing, her style will change with her. Reena likes sharing her art, but this is not an easy feat because by sharing your adana escort deepest thoughts, you make yourself vulnerable, and sometimes people don’t seem to get it. Not everyone will understand you, and not everyone will appreciate your art. A couple of years ago, she opened an Instagram page sharing her artworks but wasn’t getting the attention she thought she deserved. She didn’t understand why other artists were getting more likes than her, why their art was more valued than hers.

Despite her initial disappointment, she later realized that she wasn’t drawing for other people but for herself: ‘I need to do something with my hands,’ she explained. She still shares her drawings today, but she doesn’t expect other people to understand what is going on in her mind. Instead, she lets others find their inspiration in her art, even if sometimes they might not understand her intended message.

Not everyone will understand you, and not everyone will appreciate your art.

When communication becomes art

Often, we find ourselves wondering if what we do matters at all; we wish to be noticed and loved by everyone. However, similar to art, it all depends on the person because everyone makes their own art. The world is art, we are art, communication is art. Like a painting, not everyone will understand us; we all have different ways of communicating, and bodrum escort sometimes we just have to cope with the idea that we might never be completely understood. But that’s the beauty of it all: we all differ, and we all have a lot to learn one from another. We just have to take the time to listen, sit back, relax, and let inspiration come to us. Leave your room, take a walk in the park, sit on a bench, and listen to the world around you. You will soon realize that, sometimes, words are just not enough to describe how you feel, and that’s the moment when communication becomes art. 


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