Sustainable Fashion Done Online: How to Create a Conscious Wardrobe from Home

Picture of By Žanet Levickova

By Žanet Levickova

Thrift stores have been around for a while, but shopping in them is no longer a shame. It is quite the opposite. How else can you show the world that you care about the environment, know the value of money, and have a unique fashion style? Also, you will support local businesses and feel great for doing something good for the world. With a stroke of luck, you can find some great deals on treasures from designer brands even in vintage stores, if you search carefully.

Amsterdam has tons of vintage shops, but if you are not feeling like going for a stroll in the city, this is the way.

Of course, not everyone has the time to do that in person and dig through clothes for hours and hours until they find what they are looking for. There is a solution that will save you a lot of time and, it’s stress-free: second-hand online shopping. We have come up with a list of websites/apps, where you can find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. Amsterdam has tons of vintage shops, but if you are not feeling like going for a stroll in the city, this is the way. If you wish to eliminate the environmental impacts of shipping, you can also pick up your order in the stores.

Rumors Vintage & Designs, We are Vintage

Located in many different areas in Amsterdam, these two vintage shops also run a shared e-shop available to all countries around the world. You can adjust the maximum price which is suitable for you and with filters, find exactly what you are looking for. There are hundreds and hundreds of designer brands which you can select from, such as Burberry, Escada or Prada, but also more affordable ones. You can pick for yourself clothes mostly from the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s era. Why not spice up your outfit with some crazy boots, psychedelic t-shirts or a denim jacket with patches?  Don’t forget to look out for special sales and promo codes that you can use at the check-out to get some discounts on your purchase. Standard shipping is 2 days, or you can pick up your new stuff yourself at Haarlemmerstraat 99.  

Location Rumors Vintage: Haarlemmerstraat 29 & 99 in Amsterdam

Location We Are Vintage:  Kinkerstraat 193 & Eerste v Swindenstraat 43

Zipper Vintage Clothing

Everyone knows Zipper Vintage in Amsterdam, but not many people know that it’s a long-tradition family business. Zipper was founded in 1979 by Agnes and John Giles, a couple with a shared passion for vintage clothing who brought their first collection from Los Angeles, the city where John grew up, to sell at the Waterlooplein market. American influence can still be seen in the family’s selection of high-quality pieces. Zipper ships worldwide or you can use the pick-up in-store option to be more ecological. You can find almost anything on their website: from cool university t-shirts and crewnecks to bum bags, accessories and shoes, Zipper has it all! Check it out yourself. 

Location: Huidenstraat 7 & Haarlemmerstraat 8

Bij Ons Vintage

The slogan of Bij Ons says it all: wear vintage or nothing at all! And we couldn’t agree more. Fast fashion is just not it anymore and in the 21st century, we should really think about our shopping habits more deeply. According to Bij Ons, fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world (after oil) and it’s causing inevitable changes in our planet. Unfortunately, we can’t solve this issue by just shopping consciously, but if each of us at least tries, we can minimize the negative effects. Bij Ons Vintage has three stores in Amsterdam while also running an online store, where you can find reasonably priced custom denim jackets, cozy knitwear, funky eyeglasses, and many more. Their selection is updated every week.  

Location: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150Reestraat 13 & Haarlemmerdijk 37

Thrift Tale

The biggest online shop of vintage clothes in Europe, Thrift Tale, has its headquarters in Enschede, a city famous for its textile production. Their website is easy to use and well-structured. Clothes are divided into categories based on which decade they come from. There is also a separate category for more luxurious brands and a kilo sale category. Furthermore, you can apply filters and select your desired brand, size, color, price, and condition of the piece. Each one is individually evaluated by a team of trained professionals who then rate clothes with a certain grade, so you know what you are getting. Don’t worry about counterfeited goods, there is a strong policy regarding that issue. You can find many things on Thrift Tale, except for real fur. Its production has an enormous impact on the environment and therefore Thrift Tale refuses to sell it. Shipping time is estimated for the next day. Unlike the other vintage shops mentioned above, Thrift Tale also sells children’s clothes. Prices of the garments vary, but are on the cheaper side – which is a must for students on a budget! 



Old but gold Vinted never disappoints anyone. Founded in 2008 in Lithuania, this revolutionary circular concept has changed the new generation’s shopping habits. This unique marketplace for second-hand clothing enables everyone to sell and buy new pieces from the comfort of their home. Vinted also doesn’t charge you anything for selling your own clothes, unlike Depop which takes 10% of what you earn from selling.  What is best about Vinted is that you can always make a bargain with the person you are buying from, or you can also swap clothes with them. That leads to a new wardrobe with almost zero effort. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can always meet up with somebody in person and try the clothes/accessories on. 

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Vestiaire Collective

Established in Paris in 2009, Vestiaire is the perfect online retailer of luxurious second-hand goods for those who want to save some money while also being environmentally conscious. This website allows consumers to buy and sell brands such as Dior, Celine, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. The original idea came from Fanny Moizant and Sophie Hersan, who realized that their closets are full of designer pieces that they don’t wear anymore. New owners, on the other hand, can give those preloved handbags, clothes, and shoes, a new life. Vestiaire has a very strict authentication process that makes sure you won’t get scammed by buying a fake. Vestiaire is, as mentioned before, a luxurious site, so don’t expect any student-friendly prices. However, it is a great alternative to shopping more sustainably when you want to invest in something that will last a lifetime. As their motto says: long live fashion!



Edited by: Yili Char


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