Summer Throwback: Berlin

Last week, we introduced this ‘Summer Throwback’ mini-series with photos from Mercurius’ study trip to Stockholm. This week, we have some imagery to show you from a trip to Berlin, the second largest city of Europe. Famous for its Bratwurst, the Berlin wall and great parties, we were not anticipating any dull moments. You can view the photos by clicking on the photo above and use the arrows to navigate between them. 

Five days in Berlin seems enough time to explore the main city attractions, or so we thought. We couldn’t be more wrong: the city is enormous and every burrow has its own style and vibe. Of course we visited the main attractions such as the Brandenburger Tor, Checkpoint Charlie and the Siegessäule (Victory Column). But, quite quickly we discovered that Berlin has more interesting things to offer. Our hostel was situated in the Kreuzberg area, known for its multicultural atmosphere and trendy bars. This offered us the chance to really experience the city. Street food, clubs and art are among the things worth discovering when visiting Kreuzberg.

Berlin is the perfect city to get inspired. It’s also very accessible by plane or train, which makes it the perfect destination for a weekend trip. Three cool places to check out when you visit the city: C/O Berlin, BBI and the Mauerpark.

Photos: Thomas Korver

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