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Picture of By Jorrit Hoekstra

By Jorrit Hoekstra

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]S[/mks_dropcap]tudents of Amsterdam goes worldwide! No longer did we pick a student from Amsterdam, but this week sees the ever-happy Inaya O’man-qi take the spotlight. A quick talk learns us that the 21-year old communication student is filled with ambition and might become a superstar very soon.

The world of showbizz 
Inaya, third year’s communication student at the University of Manchester, has many dreams. Ever since she set up her own Youtube-channel when she was younger, she felt a strong desire to stand in front of camera’s. It is one of the reasons why she’s currently on the chase for television work. “I would love to work in the world of showbizz. I think it would be really fun to combine glamour with intellect; a pretty rare mash up. The Youtube-channel already gave me a look into the world of internet-television, but I aim to broadcast an internet show. That would be really exciting and would be a great entry to the world of fame and becoming a celebrity!”

Not only did Inaya plan out the start of her future career, but she has given lots of attention to the later stages as well. Not in the last place inspired by her ‘home country’ Kenia, she aspires to become a female version of one of British’ best known television-voices. “Sir David Attenborough is my idol. I just love what he’s done with his animal documentaries. Even though I am born in Canada, my grandma is from Kenia and I feel very proud to see what he’s done for our country. I don’t see someone, let alone myself, take his place very soon, however I would love to dive more into Africa and explore all the beauty the continent has to offer.”

I think it would be really fun to combine glamour with intellect; a pretty rare mash up

Public role
To give her a better chance in various industries, the ambitious student has built up a wide curriculum filled with volunteering and social work. ”I feel it’s important to volunteer, especially if you want to be seen in a public role, whether that’s now or later in life. Therefore, I’ve applied at the local shelter to help the homeless and provide them with towels, blankets and soup. It’s really rewarding and helps a lot in reading people. In that way, both the homeless and I profit loads!”

Next to the volunteering, Inaya practices a lot of varied dance. It is one of her main passions and a way of relieving stress. ”I am a member of loads of dance associations. Every form of music has its own expression and I love to be part of it. Dancing has been a part of me ever since I was a kid, and I even used to dance in a countrywide competition. Unfortunately, that came to a quick end due to my broken leg, but I still break dance and do a lot of jazz-hiphop combined dance.”

Everything planned in advance
As for the future, Inaya seems to have full support of her family regarding her choice to chase showbizz. ”My parents are very supportive, as is my grandma”, the young student says. ”I’d really love to go back to Canada to teach all the kids what I’ve learned; different techniques, how to present and be more open towards the camera and most importantly how to communicate towards the listener or the viewer. You need a certain ‘click’ with your audience, so you can really emphasize on the message you’re sending.”

It seems like Inaya seems well set for the future and has everything planned in advance. This does not mean that there is no room for spontaneity. ”Manchester is great concerning nightlife! Really, there is no prejudice at all and I love the fact that, whether you are feeling emo or more drum ‘n bass-y, there is a night for everyone! Everything is a party and Manchester is a great playground. All you have to do to experience a crazy night is just step outside and get carried away by the flow of the city.”

You need a certain ‘click’ with your audience, so you can really emphasise on the message you’re sending

A long conversation with Inaya learns us that there is enough room for self-completion, even though communication often seems like a set study. With a firm end goal in mind and a well thought-out way to get there, there are plenty of ways that will lead Inaya to her career in showbiz. And why not? She has the experience, the dream and most importantly the knowledge to make her dream come to reality. As long as she believes it is doable, Inaya will fight for her chance. Nobody is going to stop her.

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