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By Neysa Azalia

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]I [/mks_dropcap]f your interests include photography, writing and generally storytelling then you might want to take a look at Steller (that is, if you haven’t already). Steller, which I believe is a mashup of ‘story’ and ‘teller’ is all in the name! As a user, you can create your own story and share it on the open web for everyone else to read and, of course, like and comment (where else would social media be if it wasn’t for these two trademarks?).

What is it?
Steller is a US-based app developed in 2014 and it operates on a mobile-first concept. It has its web version but I highly recommend sticking to the mobile application on your iPhone or Android device, because there’s a reason for that. Steller takes full advantage of convergence as apparent in our smartphones that allows instant filming and photography and sharing, as well as writing narratives whenever you please. That’s exactly what Steller is: a stellar (pun intended) app that enhances your creativity whenever and wherever you may be.

Say you were on a spontaneous weekend getaway to sunny San Pietro and because you’re a student — living on a student budget — you don’t have your own camera yet, but you do have your smartphone with you. That’s all you need for this trip. Topics to write about can range from travel to food and even more mundane subjects, such as morning routines. Storytelling is not everyone’s strong suit — because you can either intrigue or bore readers. Yet, Steller scores points in enabling people to share their stories regardless of this limitation. Completely in line with their motto “Everyone has a story to tell.” This convergence has allowed individuals to act on their intrinsic motivations by creating a product that is of beneficial value for not only themselves, but others alike.

What’s so unique about it?
Of course, Steller is not the only app that allows you to tell stories on-the-go, because there are quite a few similar apps, too. Then why the praise on mostly Steller, you ask? Personally, Steller was the first app that I know of that allows this type of feature and user experience. Previously, there weren’t many apps that gave you the opportunity to write stories amateurishly. Steller seems to lead Storehouse on this, as a review on Storehouse addressed its rather professional outlook on content. Plus, I also think its app name is so cleverly phrased, compared to Storehouse or Replay. But, hey, that’s my opinion — you’re entitled to have your own opinion by trying each one of these apps out.

As social media nowadays are becoming more similar to each other, it’s up to us — content consumers and creators — to produce more unique and authentic content to keep media and entertainment alive. Prosumption, as we communication science students like to look at it, is the phenomenon of engaging in both production and consumption of media and its content. I found that Steller is the app where I am prosuming the most, because I’m able to share my hobbies and interests in an online community that shares this same hobby.

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