Sporty New Year’s Resolutions – How Is It Going Guys?

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By Sophie Kulla

We humans seem to be fairly fascinated with endings and new beginnings, especially if they happen without our written permission. The turn of the year is such an inevitable watershed. How fitting is it that we can use this given event as a new beginning where we press reset and start over? But it’s not always that easy. If you also seek motivation to continue your exertive New Year’s resolutions or need some comfort after slacking off already, then this one’s for you.

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. We are halfway through the first month of 2021 and while some of us have eagerly started implementing fitness-related New Year’s resolutions, others are already this close to quitting altogether. Another group of resolution-tacklers, the clever people, haven’t started with their plans at all because, well, January doesn’t really count to the new year, does it? It’s more of a test run. February is the real starting shot.

The thing is, we are all motivated, thrilled even, to start over and finally get the toned body we deserve, or to achieve the peace of mind we have been yearning for since this ugly beast of a pandemic came at us. We all want to try. After all, that’s why we made these resolutions in the first place.

One way to get yourself motivated during this (still weird) time is to join an online sports challenge. This way you are not alone in your undertaking, as there are thousands of other participants, and you can follow a well thought-through routine that was specifically created for reasons of motivation. When joining on Instagram or YouTube for workout sessions or yoga flows, the lonely lockdown feeling might dissolve at least for a little while.

In this article we will promenade through several people’s New Year’s resolutions and gather inspiration and motivation for when we need it. Let’s go!

Set the Goal

There are obviously different types of goals. Whereas one friend of mine told me “I simply want to move more, do something good for my body and mind” another has a very clear goal set in mind. She wants to be able to do one real chin-up by herself. And for that, she is going to work out. Laura has a more pragmatic approach:

“I’m planning on exercising more frequently and I want to find a hobby, simply to make better use of my time”.

Others are like me, wanting to be fit and strong, to have a nice body, and to be able to eat whatever food that comes to mind. To achieve this, I have joined Pamela Reif’s workout plan, which consists of various YouTube videos each day. It’s nice to share this goal even with strangers. Knowing you are not alone is quite soothing. It is like a voice that says:

“Hey, you are not the only one who would rather eat chips on the couch, but we got this! 20 more minutes and you’ll be alright.”

Julia is a bit more laid-back about the whole situation. She tried hardcore workouts in spring 2020 and, you guessed it right, she didn’t enjoy it. So, for 2021, she wants to do yoga every morning. Another interviewee had a super interesting approach. She didn’t want to put too much pressure on herself and nonchalantly started her sporty New Year’s resolutions in November already. In November! Maybe I should keep that in mind for next year, too.

Let’s Face it – How is it Going, Guys?

Okay, let’s be real. We expect much from a new year, but we also know ourselves better than anyone, especially after having already endured a lockdown. We have been dealing with our bad habits our whole lives, even more so during this pandemic. It’s not always easy to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

“Last year I was very undisciplined concerning workouts. I would exercise 2 times a week and then stop for a whole month”, says one friend of mine. And I feel that. In 2020 the Corona situation was new and unfamiliar. For some people having a routine helped a lot, but others, like me, were too overwhelmed by and too busy with adjusting to this strange, downgraded pandemic-life. Why would it be easier now? Simple answer: Quarantine still sucks, but we have acclimatized. We know the drill and we are ready to focus on our online sport challenges!

For 2021 most of my friends told me something along the lines of “I’m pleased with myself. These first two weeks of the year went really well” and I’m totally on board with that! There might have been cases of migraine and one or two cheat days, but overall we are still in high spirits! The home office already is our natural habitat, why not add the home gym too?

Some Words of Encouragement

Maybe you are doing well with your resolutions so far, or you are neck-deep in your first crisis already. Whichever applies, here are some compiled words of motivation; mantras that the interviewees wrote down to motivate their future-selves. Take a look around and grab whichever encouragement you need!
“I want to be strong and I want to eat plenty.”
“One day you’ll actually see the progress. Keep going, the results are worth it!”
“It feels so good to know that you took the time to exercise.”
“You should think about tomorrow today.”
“When you reach your goals, you will be proud of yourself and you will have even more motivation to keep going. You know what you have already achieved and that gives you the strength for all that you want to reach next.”

One sappy motivational sentence won’t make you become the next Chloe Ting, I know that. But it is a start to not wallow in self-pity when you feel unmotivated to work out. Instead, you could look at the reasons why you committed to this hell of a resolution in the first place. Was it because you wanted to look fit for the dating world? Did you start in order to become more confident in your body? Or do you want to finally be able climb the stairs to your apartment without panting like a dog? Make your goal your mantra.

In some way, we’re all in this together! And with we I mean every resolutionist, every person that religiously planks in front of their laptop every other day, just like you and me.

Cover: Karolina Grabowska

Reposted by: Younes Skalli

Note: This is an older article being republished due to technical issues.

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