Social Media Marketing and Influencers: A New Way of Growth for Companies

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By Ezgi Keeskin

In a world in which our smartphones are considered our best friends, how we present ourselves on social media platforms is just as important as who we actually are. This notion holds true for businesses too: in order to reach maximum growth, they have to introduce themselves to their customers in the most effective way. 

How social media leads our world

We live in a digitally dominated world. Nearly all people have their smartphones, IPads, and computers within a hand’s reach. It is not surprising that in this world, social media platforms have the power to dominate our lives. Think of any vacation you go to: you feel the need to post an Instagram story, or take a picture to post on your account. Social media platforms are the stage for us to present ourselves to the public. And in the social media world, influencers sperrmüll are a huge deal. The more followers you have, the greater the effect you have on people. It is, therefore, not surprising that one of the most wanted jobs worldwide is a social media influencer. Being aware of the power of social media, companies use this opportunity for their marketing.

Social media as an advertising tool

Social media advertisements are more influential on people than a printed campaign or an ad that is released on TV.

It is no secret that every company aims to increase its brand reputation. In this case, for the sake of business growth, choosing the right strategy for marketing is of great importance. And in the modern digital world, the best option is social media marketing. Social media advertisements are more influential on people than a printed campaign or an ad that is released on TV. If you want to reach wide audiences, you won’t find a better place than social media platforms to grab their attention, be it through Instagram, Facebook, or a YouTube ad. Think of any product you ever wanted to buy: you briefly mention it in a conversation, and the next second, the advertisement of that exact item appears in your Instagram recommendations. You may think it is a coincidence but it is not. Instagram has an algorithm that determines the right time to show you the ad of the product. This means that, when you need the product, the chances of you being exposed to its advertisement are highest. The new Instagram feature also allows you to shop directly in the app itself without searching for the desired item on the Internet. Taking into account such a sophisticated system, it is not surprising that social media platforms are the most effective marketing technique nowadays. Social media advertiser, influencer marketing manager, and so on… Ten years ago, no one would think that these professions would be so highly demanded today. This notion only shows that brands need social media just as much as we, regular users, do.


Agree or not, social media influencers have an enormous effect on people. I, personally, was introduced to many brands through influencers’ ads on Youtube and Instagram. If they have a considerable impact on me, I believe it is likely that this is the case for most people. Companies are, too,  aware that influencers are of great importance to their growth. Thus, companies can, and do, turn this into marketing opportunities. For example, I got a new dress from the Born Villain Shop brand. I didn’t know about their products until I saw Ala Tokel posting an Instagram post wearing their dress. The same goes for restaurants and cafes. They influence me, my friends, and most people. Thus, I believe, in the modern world, the most effective marketing strategy for a company is influencer marketing. 

Is social media that important for the company?

My answer is yes. Technology is growing from day to day and it will continue to grow further. Correspondingly, social media platforms, such as Instagram, will be even more important for us: it is how we show our identity. It is also the case for various companies: how they present themselves on social media is a representation of their corporate identity. Hence, social media marketing and usage should be given great importance.

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