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Sasha Sloan: From Dork to Stardom

sasha sloan

Since her move to LA at 19, Sasha Sloan went from working at cafés and placing promotional stickers on RedBull cans, to writing for famous artists including Camila Cabello, John Legend, and LANY. In 2017, Sloan began releasing her own music, capturing the raw complexities of feelings of heartbreak, loneliness, and sadness. Her debut album, Only Child, comes out on October 16th. Need a reason to listen?

It was 2014, when Sloan, a freshman at Berklee College of Music, shared a picture on Reddit of her parent’s loving masterpiece. While repainting their home, they decided to write the word “dork” with arrows pointing to Sloan’s bedroom window. Overnight, the post went viral and deciding to “capitalize” on the success, Sasha “shamelessly plugged” her SoundCloud. 

The “dork” caught the attention of Warner Chappell Music and was offered the chance to be signed as a songwriter in LA. Believing it to be a more interesting opportunity than college, the 19-year-old dropped out and moved to Los Angeles. Despite financial hardships, through her talent and hard-work, Sloan began building an impressive career, writing for various known artists such as Idina Menzel, Charli XCX, and Katy Perry.

It wasn’t until late 2017, that Sloan decided it was time to release her own music. After a few years of working in the music industry as a writer, Sloan wrote the song “Ready Yet” – a special track which she found herself wanting to hold on to, unable to let anyone else sing it. Thus, in 2018, Sloan signed with RCA Records, and, embracing her “sad girl” music brand, released a series of singles and three EPs, appropriately named: Sad Girl, Loser, and Self-portrait


Listening to Sasha Sloan is like receiving a mental hug.


“sadgirlsloan” persona

Staying true to her social media handle, sadgirlsloan, Sloan’s music is usually not the most upbeat. Sloan isn’t afraid to explore mental health issues and the complexity of growing up, trying to fit in where one doesn’t, and realizing that age can bring new lessons and perspectives of the past.

With an incredible amount of candid vulnerability and a touch of self-deprecating humor, Sloan’s emotional outlets confront listeners with emotions they may be struggling to articulate or comprehend. Her lyrics tend to be simple and to the point, resonating deeply with anyone who has ever felt down, exhausted, hurt, or alone.

Listening to Sasha Sloan is like receiving a mental hug. Her music invites the listener to embrace their feelings, and it expresses what can feel unexplainable to some. Her music may not be an antidote for “darker” moods, but it shows that Sloan understands these feelings, and though that isn’t a solution, it can be comforting to know that someone out there “gets it”.


Sad Girl musical highlights: Reflective, humorous, and vulnerably honest


From her Loser EP, Older, one of Sloan’s most popular tracks, encapsulates the realization that love isn’t easy and that our parents are just imperfect humans trying their best to navigate through life – they’re just people. Focusing on her newfound understanding of her parent’s divorce and relationship, Sloan describes the simple truth about relationships: they’re messy. 

Without sugar coating it, the singer declares how no one has all the answers, and the older one gets, the easier it is to realize that relationships are complex, and all we can do is try our best. A hopeful acceptance of the intricacies of life.

Thank God

Over the ethereal instrumental of the track, Sloan, in her delicate voice, humorously and sarcastically thanks God for creating Hell. It’s a place where “sinners” like her can live, and fully embrace who they are. 

The song highlights the importance of unapologetically accepting oneself, even if that means not following the guidelines to ensure a place through the “pearly gate”. Thank God is the perfect hymn for non-believers, a confessional for the casual sinner. 

Too sad to cry

Too sad to cry is a genuine insight into an anxious and depressed mind. It reflects the feeling of being incredibly down and attempting to do anything to change that, despite the fear and confusion one feels. 

It’s a tough one to listen to for anyone who can relate to the situation, yet, in a very Sasha Sloan fashion, the lyrics and melody of the song offer an opportunity to reflect on one’s feelings, with the understanding that they aren’t the only ones feeling too sad to even cry.


The anticipated debut album will continue Sloan’s musical tradition of releasing beautifully sincere, vulnerable, and relatable tracks.


The Upcoming Album

As of date, Sloan has released 3 singles from the upcoming album: Lie, Is it just me? and House with no mirrors. The tracks, which cover confessions of insecurities and remarks on how the sitcom Friends is overrated, confirm that the anticipated debut album will continue Sloan’s musical tradition of releasing beautifully sincere, vulnerable, and relatable tracks.

In a promotional video for the album, coming out this fall, Sloan states she hopes for listeners to love it or at least to not hate it, and from all that Sloan has already put out, her wishes are likely to be fulfilled. 

If you’d like a dose of mature and frank insights from the brain of “sad girl” Sloan, October 16th is the date to remember.


Cover: Susanne Kindt



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