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Picture of By Linh Dinh

By Linh Dinh

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”48″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]B[/mks_dropcap]lessed with a few days of sunshine, I decided to visit Moco Museum, home of the Banksy/Dali exhibition. Looking at the street art by Banksy, I can’t help but notice that his work is a rather unconventional way of communicating. 

People have the desire to communicate with other people. Some prefer to yell to get their point across, others are more subtle. All in all, people possess a desire to announce their presence and share their thoughts with the world. For Banksy, the anonymous graffiti artist, this is done through satirical street art. His work and the messages behind them make Banksy one of the most controversial artists in the world.

Although graffiti is still not considered an art form by many, Banksy proves the power these thought-provoking images can have and how it can relate to the people viewing them. Graffiti is considered vandalism and is illegal in many places and by breaking the law, artists challenge the authorities with their art and the messages embedded within. Though not everyone will agree with this method of communication, I think it adds nuances to life.

For those who have not been to this exhibition, I strongly recommend checking it out, especially when the sun’s out and be sure to bring your student card for a sweet discount.

Photos: Linh Dinh

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