The Magic of a Dutch Theme park

Picture of By Thomas Korver

By Thomas Korver

Ever played Roller Coaster Tycoon? You’ll be surprised how good the game still resembles reality. Our photographer went out to look if the game’s still realistic. We have a few theme parks here in the Netherlands, our photographer visited one of the largest. A couple of things got his attention. There were expensive food stands and crazy long queues, but Roller Coaster Tycoon forgot about a few things.

Trolleys for instance. Lots and lots of trolleys. Nowhere in the Netherlands is a place with a higher density of trolleys. Big ones, little ones, trolleys to carry kids or just food. And the theme park knew this, so they anticipated (as you can see in the photos). There were even examples of trolleys meant to transport kids, but with food in them. Also, if you’d leave your trolley on a street in Amsterdam, you could expect it to get stolen. But not on this place: people abandon their trolley to get in attractions as if someone watched out for their stuff.

So if you’re visiting a theme park be sure to watch your fellow visitors as well, very often this is one of the most fun attractions of a theme park.

Photo’s: Thomas Korver




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