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By Margarete Schweinitz

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the entertainment industry takes major hits by delaying blockbusters that should have been released months ago. Since closed movie theaters receive no appreciation from the audience, it seems like the right move to delay movies’ release dates. However, is the precarious situation of reopening movie theaters a justification to continuously change a release date until it gets indefinitely delayed?


The release date of Christopher Nolan’s newest creation Tenet was changed multiple times until it was announced to be indefinitely delayed. The action thriller featuring the Protagonist (John David Washington) is about Tenet which can be translated as  ‘principle.’ The word itself seems to be the star of the movie, and as said by the Protagonist, Tenet can open doors to the right as well as to the wrong people. Once again, Christopher Nolan continues to play with our senses, where the movie is set to unravel the characters’ ability to use ‘Tenet’ to open doors to something we are not ready to fully understand to save the existence of this world. To get a better understanding of what this means, one should pay a visit to the official website of the movie.

Although the preview of Tenet looks very promising, the constant changes in the release date are not. In comparison to other entertainment companies, Warner Bros. could not decide on a final delayed release date. The MGM Studios releasing the new James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die,’ on the other hand, set an early example of an easy premiere date delay from April to November 2020. 

The entertainment studios are not delaying their promising movies to annoy the rest of the world, but because of a simple strategy – survival. Since not many people go to the movies now, studios and movie theaters will not make highly needed revenue to compensate for production costs and losses. Until then, movie theaters will most likely remain closed until big movies such as Tenet bring in viewers and consequently revenue again.


Originally planned to release the film in the middle of July, Warner Bros. made headlines with the constant change in the past couple of days. It also has become more likely than ever that the movie will get released Akyurt escort earlier overseas than in the US. It is against the usual practice because usually Hollywood movies get released in the US first, the largest market for movies. This consequently influences moviegoers in the rest of the world. With a beginning shift in this practice, global audiences will be able to experience movies made in Hollywood first. This transition will show whether global box office numbers and global critiques will influence moviegoers in the US.

Until now, Tenet has not been opening any doors yet until its premiere where the audience will finally be able to see what the Protagonist armed with the word ‘Tenet’ can achieve.

Not only movie theaters in the US are dependent on the decisions by the big entertainment studios, but also movie theaters in the rest of the world. While the US is still in the middle of the fight against the coronavirus, movie theaters around the world are reopening and trying to get the audience in with old movie blockbusters. Therefore, it seems appropriate to release Tenet in the rest of the world first until the situation in the US gets calmer. It remains open whether Tenet is able to help the entertainment industry recover from the hits it took this year.

Until now, Tenet has not been opening any doors yet until its premiere where the audience will finally be able to see what the Protagonist armed with the word ‘Tenet’ can achieve.

In the Meantime

In the meantime, movie theaters ‘doors are reopening, and the audience is waiting with anticipation for the newest Altındağ escort Christopher Nolan action thriller. As movie theaters are slowly reopening in Europe, it is about time to go out and enjoy movies again. Even though it might be a little while until we can enjoy new movies again, we can enjoy past box office hits, such asHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.’ Tenet will most probably not get released until the end of August in Europe and the beginning of September in the US, but Christopher Nolan fans in the Netherlands do not have to wait Anıttepe escort any longer. The independent movie theaters LAB111 and De Filmhallen are showing past movies, such as the Dark Night Trilogy, to honor Nolan’s newest creation.


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