My Christmas Watchlist – The 6 Essential Christmas Movies You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

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By Lea Teigelkötter

Only six more days until Christmas … What does this mean? It’s time to cram in as many Christmas movies as possible before the big day to get yourself into the festive spirit. As a self-proclaimed Christmas movie connoisseur, I am happy to  share with you my favourite six recommendations. It’s up to you whether you want to take it step by step and watch one a day or start an epic movie marathon. Regardless, from trashy Netflix romance movies to the real classics, my list has it all – if I dare say so myself. 


  1. The Christmas Prince

Now before you think “oh no, another trashy Netflix Christmas movie”, hear me out. If I had to choose between Netflix Christmas movies and the Christmas classics, I’d surely opt for the latter. But, taking into account my concerningly heavy consumption of trashy Netflix movies, it felt wrong to not include at least one.

The Christmas Prince is a trilogy about a writer from New York who hopes to achieve her journalistic breakthrough by reporting about the new prince of Aldovia – undercover. And, of course, they fall hopelessly in love with each other, until he discovers her secret… 

Even if you’re not a big fan of modern Christmas movies, give this one a try – I’m sure it’ll be worth it. 


  1. Home alone

Some of you might be offended that this classic has only made it to the fifth place on my list. There’s really only one reason: I’m a sucker for romantic Christmas comedies. Apart from that, the story of how Kevin’s chaotic family forgets him at home when they leave to go on vacation will definitely cheer you up and put you into the Christmas mood. Little Kevin will warm your heart with his cute smile and his clever maneuvers whilst tricking the two villains of the movie. Home alone is the perfect Christmas movie to watch with family and friends, and definitely deserves to be on everyone’s watchlist. 


  1. Miracle on 34thstreet

Every year, the department store Macy’s hires an actor to play Santa and listen to young children’s Christmas wishes. Little do they know that, this year, they’ve hired the real Santa Claus… After meeting Kris Kringle, a young girl named Susan is convinced that she has met the real Santa Claus. But in order to save Kris Kringle and Christmas Eve – who, spoiler alert, even ends up in jail – she needs to convince more people to believe in the magic of Christmas and the existence of Santa Claus…

  1. The Family Stone 

As a major Sex and the City fan, a Christmas movie featuring Sarah Jessica Parker has my name written all over it. The story of how her character Meredith spends the holidays with her boyfriend’s family will leave you both crying and laughing, trust me. Fitting into the family wasn’t as easy as Meredith had anticipated and her slightly stilted behaviour distracts from her genuine character, which she keeps  hidden behind the facade  of a cold businesswoman. And once Meredith’s sister comes to rescue her from the disastrous festivities, things only start to get more complicated…


  1. The Holiday

Imagine you are Amanda, a movie trailer director and you live in the most beautiful mansion in LA. There is only one problem: you find out your husband cheated on you right before Christmas. What do you do? Of course, you look for the perfect holiday escape. And what better option than swapping houses with a woman living in a beautiful country cabin in England?

Now imagine your name is Iris and the man you work with, and have  been in love with for the past few years, who has used you to his own advantage, announces his engagement during the office Christmas party. Of course, you’re going to agree to go to LA!

And as destiny works its magic, of course both Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) meet the love of their lives at the other end of the world. But, will they finally experience their happy endings?

And there is really only one question left for me to ask: would you rather live Amanda’s luxurious life or work as a writer in a cozy English cabin?


  1. Love actually 

If you’ve read this far, congrats, you’ve made it to my favourite Christmas movie of all time. If there’s anything that could make  you believe true love still exists, it’s going to be watching Love Actually.

This movie follows the lives of different characters who are facing various challenges in their lives threatening to ruin their holidays. Can their Christmases still be saved? From old Billie who finishes his career with his final Christmas hit, a husband whose wife cheats on him with his own brother, to the Prime minister falling in love with his maid, this movie features it all. Heart-warming, sad, and funny at the same time, Love Actually will make you feel all sorts of emotions. Trust me, if you’ve never watched the scene in which Mark confesses his love to Juliet, his best friend’s wife, using handwritten notes, you’ve been missing out. 

 Edited by: Hana Maurer

Cover: Brett Sayles from Pexels

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