6 Great Apps To Help You Fight Your Procrastination Demon

Picture of By Femke Ypenga

By Femke Ypenga

If you are anything like me, you’re probably sitting behind your laptop right now with three different documents open that are all due for tonight. But instead of actually working on them, you keep switching between tabs and social media apps, eventually getting distracted and doing something completely different. Well, I have come to your rescue. Whilst most of the time our phones are the number one culprit of our procrastination, they can also be our way out. I present to you 6 great apps to help you take charge and finish those assignments tonight.

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  1.  Getting Your Head in the Game

Chances are that your mind is racing with a million thoughts and you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you feel an information overload from all the different requirements your assignment has, or you have lost your overview of them. Take a deep breath – a moment to gather your thoughts. Meditation is a practice that has been on the rise over the last couple of years. It can help you restore some calm in your life, but also help you get your train of thought back on track and help you become more productive. Headspace, for example, is an app that allows you to take a short moment during your day to partake in a guided meditation.

More information about Headspace.

  1.  Blocking Distractions

Maybe it’s Maybelline or any other online store that has got you distracted.

It could also be your hourly scroll on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Either way, there are a lot of tabs one click away that send you into a spiral of procrastination. Therefore, The Freedom app is a great way to block these tabs. What it does is that it allows you to cut off access to specific websites during specific time frames. This way you can stay focused on your task at hand.

More information about Freedom. Other alternatives: Blocksite, Space.

  1.  Ordering Your Thoughts

I always have more than 5 different To-Do lists in the running. Each with roughly the same tasks, but just slightly different. Used by over 13 million people the Todoist app is one of the most popular productivity increasing apps. It helps you organize your tasks for the day/week. With a possibility to create sub-tasks, add priority levels, have recurring tasks and work together on tasks with colleagues and friends. I can tell you, there is no nicer feeling than ticking off a task on a To-Do list!

More information about Todoist.

  1.  Be an Environmentalist

Detaching ourselves from our phones has become increasingly difficult. There is always a new notification popping up, redirecting our attention. Once you’ve opened The Forest app, you will not be able to close it (in a good way). Whilst you lay down your phone and get on with your work the app starts a digital forest simulation. The virtual forest will begin to grow larger and larger, and if you try to exit the app your forest will die. And the greatest incentive of all: your score actually goes towards real trees being planted!

More information about Forest.

  1.  Analyze Your Own Data

What’s more interesting than getting to know your own behavior? Most of the time we don’t even realize where our time goes. We find ourselves hours later in a far corner of the internet on the most random of topics. But also, the brief breaks in between take up a lot of our time. With The Rescue Time app your time spent on certain programs or websites is recorded. This gives you inside to where you spend (and waste) your time. Reclaiming this time can reduce your stress levels and get you to work.

More information about Rescue Time.

  1.  Building Attitude

Now that we have the tools to get rid of our procrastination throughout the day, we have to make this newfound productivity stick. The Habitica app is a great way to do this. This app is the perfect opportunity to gamify your life and stay productive at the same time. With rewards and punishments this app will motivate you to achieve your goals. And it will quite literally kill your procrastination demon.  

More information about Habitica.

Well, now that I’ve given you these tips I better get going and put these apps to use. But I can at least cross off one item on my To-Do list!


Cover: Pedro da Silva/Unsplash

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